Our committees research major public policy issues and develop advocacy plans to address these issues. 


 As Elders for Future Generation, our mission is to work together to advocate for the protection of our most vital natural resource: WATER.

We do this by eliminating our use of bottled water, supporting the right to have clean drinking water, and stopping the commercial extraction of water from community water sources. 

We seek to educate, advocate, and communicate to the general public on these issues. We bring awareness to public schools (elementary to university), institutions, and businesses about the wasted energy, wasted oil, plastic litter, and depletion of ground water created by bottled water. 



Given its prominent position in the world, it is essential that the United States take a leadership role in preventing war and promoting peace. In this regard, we must look within ourselves as a nation and acknowledge publicly the ways violence is promoted in our culture and reflected in our foreign policies and behaviors, often influenced by corporate monetary interests. 

Addressing human conditions that lead to war and developing policies that promote peace require steadfast, deliberate, strongly focused intentions and efforts to change radically our world view and ingrained historic behaviors. In the 239 years of our country's history only 17 have been without war. 

Health Care 

After a much research, the Health Care Committee strongly supports Universal Healthcare that acknowledges the moral imperative that everyone be guaranteed the same level of health care coverage. The system would require the components listed in the attached proposals: Universal Health Care Proposal

Since its dedication in 1886, the Statue of Liberty has represented democracy, opportunity, and human rights to millions of people around the world. Do our current policies, laws, and practices represent the best of America's ideals and beliefs? To what degree are America's laws and policies tied to racism and nationalism? Immigration reform is needed. As the debate continues, the Immigration Committee searches for solutions, both locally and nationally.