A caring, well-informed network of elders who raise consciousness about our connection to future generations -- and our responsibility to leave them a cultural and public policy legacy that promotes their well being. 


  • To educate ourselves and others 

  • To promote broad-based, public discussion

  • To determine which issues are most strategic

  • To determine collective actions

  • To engage with decision makers and influencers

  • To connect with and to support efforts of existing organizations

  • To engage the talents, experience, skills, and interests of people in the network

  • To develop operational guidelines 


Started in 2012 in response to a host of critical issues discussed by a group of elders, Elders for Future Generations is committed to advocating for public policies that protect and promote quality of life for all the children and adults who follow us.


It is an expanding, broad-based network of informed and active elders whose individual and collective voices fulfill our mission.


The network is organized in a way that is not dependent upon one leader for its continuation or success. Rather, it is continually energized by the collective compassion, wisdom, voice, and leadership qualities inherent to each generation of elders. 


In order to become informed about public policy issues and to advocate for responsible collective actions, members work on a variety of committees.


At the present time, members are engaged in the following:

  • Peace

  • Values

  • Environment 

  • Health 

  • Immigration 

  • Communications 

  • Education 


Elders for Future Generations meets every other Friday at 3:15 p.m. in room 211 in the Wishcamper Center at the University of Southern Maine in Portland.

Contact us for more information. 

Check out our position papers and research on current issues!

Peace and Justice

Health Care


Gun Control

Our Declaration of Values and World View.

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Read Bill Nemitz's article about the Elders:

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Read this excellent article entitled "This Coastal Town Banned Tar Sands and Sparked a War with the Oil Industry" from Inside Climate News. Members of Elders for Future Generations were instrumental in making this happen.

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